Multi-chain Farming

Ape Protocol proudly presents Multi-chain Farming + Automatic Staking & Automatic Compounding Protocol. This is a huge competitive edge against existing protocols and a big answer to — What’s the difference of Ape Protocol from other projects?
One of the biggest waste of potential for existing Automatic Staking and Automatic Compounding Protocol is the usage of their Insurance Funds which is referred to as the Ape Vault for Ape Protocol. As developers, the team wouldn’t want that the Ape funds are just sitting around doing nothing. To maximize its potential, the Ape development team is introducing the incorporation of Multi-chain Farming to further innovate and efficiently manage funds for our users.
Multi-chain Farming is very simple yet powerful. Through pooled funds that are easily attained through the tax system of the Ape Protocol, the development team will initiate multiple blockchain farming. This allows the Ape to be exposed on different protocols and earn rewards either through staking or providing liquidity. Accrued rewards and yields from this ventures are then brought back to the Ape Protocol ecosystem. How? The development team came up with different ways to do so.
First, accrued rewards and yields from multiple chain farming is used to buyback $APEP Tokens off the market. These bought back tokens are then distributed back to $APEP holders depending on their holdings. This simply means, bigger percentage of held $APEP tokens leads to better rewards from the multi-chain farming ventures.
Second, this now creates a double reward system for our users. Ape Protocol rewards its users from positive rebase mechanism and multi-chain farming. This scenario creates a healthier and sustainable rewards system and boost the high fixed APY.
Lastly, having the ability to be part of the different protocols through our Ape Multi-Chain Farming gives us a diversified exposure and significant future airdrops/allocations through an ever-growing Ape Vault.